Mark Canterbury Lead Trainer

Mark is excited to be a part of iPD. At iPD training, our mission is to EQUIP… ENRICH… ENCOURAGE… We take a personal interest in you to help you grow to be successful.

Mark Canterbury has over 20 years of experience as a trainer, educator, coach, manager, speaker, and consultant. Mark received his masters degree from Nova Southeastern University and is currently the Director of Training and Business Development at iPD.

He loves investing in people! Sowing seeds of encouragement and sharing practical ways to help people win at home, in the workplace and in relationships. Everyone loves to be a part of something that is growing and moving forward. He wants to help individuals and organizations achieve that winning culture.

His personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the core of his living and infiltrates every area of his life. Mark believes discipline spiritually, mentally and physically is important as we grow as leaders.

Mark has been married to his wife Jamie for 23 years and they have 2 children. They love the outdoors, mud runs, camping, snorkeling and snowboarding. His passion is faith, family, fun and fitness.